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Benefits of Repeating a Banner Logo

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We’ve all seen photos of celebrities at events in front of a banner of repeating logos. No matter where the celebrity stands for the photograph, the company’s logo is still visible. Those types of banners are called step and repeats, and they make great promotional tools for businesses even outside of glamorous Hollywood events. Not only do these types of banners create a dynamic visual effect at an event, they provide a source of advertising beyond that day. Having this type of banner printed is a great option for your business’s next event.

Because we all associate step and repeat banners with celebrities, many people are eager to take pictures in front of them— and share them to social media. Once that photo is posted, your business gets advertised every time one of their friends views it. So, once it is photographed the banner works overtime advertising for your business.

Social media shareability makes step and repeat banners a great return on investment. Unless you decide to change your logo, you will be able to use the same banner again and again. By displaying your logo at charity events, trade shows, conferences and grand openings you’ll make the investment worth it in no time.

The step and repeat banner also offers an excuse for you to take valuable photos for your own social media or website. At your next event, take plenty of pictures with industry leaders, executives and local celebrities that you can use in many ways.

Lastly, step and repeat banners are a great way to make your business stand out at a trade show or convention. They look professional and help make your business more memorable at an event where so many of your competitors are present. Not to mention, your booth is easier to locate by the large banner with your repeating logo.

Printing a Step and Repeat Banner

Size is the first thing to consider when ordering a step and repeat banner. You want a banner that is at least 8 feet tall, and wide enough to keep the edges from showing in photos while still fitting nicely into your space. Large outdoor events allow for wider banners while smaller locations like trade show booths are more limited. No matter the location, the right size banner will provide a “wow factor” while still fitting into your budget.

Consider the size of your logo as well. Logos need to be large enough to be readable from a distance, but small enough to fit in frame in a photo no matter what lies in front of it. A general rule of thumb for logo size is 9-11 inches wide and 5-7 inches tall, repeated across the entire length of the banner.

The intervals at which you repeat the logo are important as well, depending on the material you choose for the banner. Vinyl is more affordable than fabric, but ink printed on top casts a glare in flash photography. Although not a problem with enough white space in between printed logos, with a more colorful logo or design you might want to spend the few extra dollars for a fabric banner.

Don’t forget to consider the portability of your step and repeat banner. Luckily, most banners are lightweight and roll up easily for storage. But you need a reliable stand to display it with. Make decisions based on how and where you travel for events, who is available to help set it up and of course how easy it is to assemble.

It’s important to have a reliable storage method for your banner as well. Consider investing in a case to keep your step and repeat neatly rolled and safe from discoloration, stains, wrinkles or damage. This helps to preserve your investment so it can be used again and again.

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