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When properly installed, vinyl banners can last a year and longer. When poorly installed, they might only last a week to a month. Like just about anything in life, you get out what you put in – so if you hurriedly zip tie a banner to a fence – be prepared to live with your decision.  Keep these thoughts in mind when displaying your banner with zip ties to a chain link fence.

If possible, choose a calm weather day to install your banner.  If it is windy or rainy, we humans tend to rush the job and we either affix the banner too loosely or the opposite – over tightening zip ties and pulling too hard on the weakest part of the banner, the grommets. Both options will shorten the banner's life. 

If the banner is put up loosely or sloppily, then Mother Nature will attack with blowing wind – making the banner flap and rub against the fence. Not only will this add stress to the grommets, but the rubbing will wear out the banner material. If the banner is wrenched too hard to the side, it may pull away from the pinched seal of the grommet and tear.

The following may seem like common sense, but I’m going to put it down anyway. You should start connecting the banner on an upper corner and follow with the coinciding bottom corner – then continue attaching along the length of the banner by fastening the next nearest top grommet following with the bottom grommet – slowly working your way along the length of the banner.

All too often banners are hung by the top corners first and then moving along to the rest.  This method can end with a frustrated but well-meaning installer wrestling with sagging areas and taking more time to get a banner hung well than would otherwise be necessary.

If the installer in question is not particularly good at his/her job, or just doesn’t care – then you end up with a sloppy installation and a host of problems later.

When first connecting a banner with a zip tie, only tighten enough to hold the banner in place while you move on to the next grommet. Once all the zip ties are in place, then go back to each zip tie and tighten so that there is a solid, uniform fit throughout the span of the banner.  The key is to distribute the stress across multiple points, limiting the whipping action that can happen when the wind starts blowing.

Banners are arguably the simplest form of advertisement, but when used well – a banner is still one of the most effective ways to get a message out there and in the public eye. So be sure to protect your message and the investment you’ve made with a secure installation that will maximize how long your banner can be seen.

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