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Have A Banner Year With … Color Banners

Easily and affordably increase revenues and boost your customer base by adding eye-catching, vibrant color banners to your marketing and branding strategy. During the busy holiday season, customers focus on finding the best products and services — READ MORE

Extending The Life Of Your Banner

When properly installed, vinyl banners can last a year and longer. When poorly installed, they might only last a week to a month. Like just about anything in life, you get out what you put in – so if you hurriedly zip tie a banner to a fence – be prepared to live with your decision.  Keep these thoughts in mind when displaying your banner with zip ties to a chain link fence. READ MORE

The Value of Vehicle Wraps for Your Business

Banners and signs are great ways to promote your business. But if your business is on the move, it only makes sense for your advertisement to do the same. Bringing your message directly to your audience and catching their attention is simple with car graphics. Vehicle wraps are popular promotional tools for good reason. READ MORE

Benefits of Repeating a Banner Logo

We’ve all seen photos of celebrities at events in front of a banner of repeating logos. No matter where the celebrity stands for the photograph, the company’s logo is still visible. Those types of banners are called step and repeats, and they make great promotional tools for businesses even outside of glamorous Hollywood events. Not only do these types of banners create a dynamic visual effect at an event, they provide a source of advertising beyond that day. Having this type of banner printed is a great option for your business’s next event. READ MORE

Six Large Format Printing Design Tips

When designing and printing a banner, media backdrop or outdoor sign, you need a design that stands out. Whether you plan to create the design yourself or instruct VizCom Media’s expert designers to create what you want— you should know what qualifies as effective graphic design. READ MORE